"Let's be perfectly FRANK.......style is everything!" ~ Frank Lyman

Starting the New Year with a fresh start is literally what every woman has in mind.  New Year's resolutions range anywhere from:

*Starting a health plan and eating healthier (i.e. organic foods)
*Hitting the gymn and losing a few pounds (ohhhh yeah that KETO diet)
*Cleaning out that god forsaken closet and shopping for a new look (keeping pants that we know good and well will NEVER fit)
*Maybe even a little BOTOX or fillers for those wrinkles that just will not vanish no matter what the cost of beauty creams we see advertised constantly.  (we are looking for INSTANT gratification and results)
So did you know that over 90% of purchases for clothing are from women?  Of course they are!  Women are constatnly concerned with their image and trust me....it increases the older we get!

CoCo Couture is an upscale women's clothier located in the heart of LKN and we are starting the year right with a NEW LOOK...and a NEW us!  We are revamping our boutique to bring you seriously the best of the best.  Frank Lyman is just one of our signature collections (Canadian might I add) that we carry.  Take  a look at this collection for yourself and give us your thoughts!

CoCo Couture is adament about only bringing in a few per collection that way you are not running around town or at a special event and everyone and everybody has on your same "department store" look!  We realize the name "couture" catches a little by surprise and the first thing that comes to mind is expensive.  That is not the case at this "hidden gem: boutique.  We are very competitive with our pricing and we know (and guarnatee) we are less expensive than other retailors carrying the same brands!  

So you like Frank Lyman huh?   Well you definitely want to check out this FABULOSO designer.....DolceCABO.

This is seriously magnificient and we have done consideerably well with this designer.  We currently have a SALE on all DolceCABO collections in stock.  

Shop DolceCABO
Shop DolceCABO

DolceCABO is versatile and comes in your standard XS-XXL sizes.  Looks fabulous paired with virtually anything (jeans or trousers).  We recommend the Frank Lyman trouser with the "show your shoe" pleat in the back! 

Have you seen the Frank Lyman dresses for the New Year that are seriously so amazing it's unreal???  Ohhhh...and CoCo Couture has them on SALE too!    Check this personal favorite out!  This black Frank Lyman dress has sheer sleeves and embellished with pearls on sleeve.  It is fully lined and comes in starndard S-XL sizes.  We recommend going up a size.  This dress retails for over $480...but CoCo Couture has it on SALE for only $186.   

Frank Lyman Dress on SALE for only $186

 Joseph Ribkoff (Canadian Designer similar to Frank Lyman) is also available @ CoCo Couture.  We pride ourselves with carrying only the leite of the elite designs that are intricate yet affordable.  Please take a moment to view these amazing collections.

Again is here one of our personal favorites available at CoCo Couture. 

Joseph Ribkoff Jumpsuit Available @ CoCo Couture (color wine only)

Only 1 left in this fabulous Joseph Ribkoff Jumpsuit  (color wine only)

Jospeh Ribkoff Jumpsuit available exclusively @ CoCo Couture.  Last on left!  (color wine only)

Please come BLOG with us and give us your suggestions!  We love to hear from you!

CoCo Couture
19818 N Cove Road Suite B
Cornelius, NC 28031
(704) 896-8044


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